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3 Steps to Press Guns and Press Tool Plumbing

Are you new to press guns and press tool plumbing? Getting into press is simple with PressIT! If you are unsure about anything or need advice hit the ask a question button anytime and we will get back to you ASAP.

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Step 1: Choosing Your Press Gun

As a newbie to press you are in safe hands with PressIT. We are warranty and 5 star service agents for all the popular plumbing press tool brands. Joining team #pressITuk you are guaranteed peace of mind and technical assistance when you need it.

The main press tools are the Rems 22v Mini PressNovopress ACO 103 & Rothenberger TT Press machine, all with accessories and also the option monthly payment plans for press fit fittings packages.

To Get Going Select Your Press Gun / Tool Plumbing.

Most common choice is the Rems Mini 22V due to the ability to use Angled Jaws, closely Followed by the Novopress ACO 103. We have a bundle Rems Press Tool & Angle Jaws worth checking out also!

REMS MINI PRESS 22V (Starting from £1,554)

  • Press Force: 22Kn
  • Compatible Pipe Sizes: up to 40mm


Powerful REMS Press Tool. The Rems Mini Press 22V is a Cordless radial press with automatic circuit control. It weights is just 2.5kg and a length including Mini V15 pressing tongs of only 31cm. It can be used everywhere, free hand, over head, also in very confined spaces. Maintenance intervals 40,000 presses or 2 years.


NOVOPRESS ACO103 (Starting from £1,554)

  • Press Force: 19 kN
  • Compatible Pipe Sizes: up to 40mm


The Novopress ACO103 the lightest of the press tools weighing in at just 1.7kg and has the ability to press in just a few seconds. If you use Milwaukee tools you may prefer the ACO103 as it uses Milwaukee batteries. Performance per charge will give you up to 180 presses, charge time 30 – 60mins. Ability to press up to 35mm pipe and 40mm plastic. Maintenance intervals are 40,000 presses / 2 years.



  • Press Force: 19Kn
  • Compatible Pipe Sizes: Up to 28mm Copper & Stainless Steel


The Rothenberger TT Compact (Twin Turbo Pressing jaw set) is just 2.5kg in weight and has the ability to press in just seconds. The improved battery technology gives high performance and up to 240 presses per charge, based on a 28mm fitting. Maintenance intervals are 40,000 presses / 2 years. This press tool offers one of the lowest prices in the UK and Ireland while maintaining high tool performance.


MILWAUKEE M12 SUB COMPACT FORCE LOGIC (Starting from £1,678.80)

  • Press Force: 22Kn
  • Compatible Pipe Sizes: up to 40mm


Only 1.8 kg for greater user comfort and has the ability to press within tight restricted areas. Utilising the latest red lithium battery pack, this tools provides ultra performance in even more run time. Maintenance intervals are 40,000 press cycles.

Novopress and Rems Press Guns

The REMs & Novopress Recommended Packages come with:

  • Chosen Brand Gun (REMs Mini / Novopress ACO103)
  • 2 Batteries
  • Jaws 15,22, 28 (V or M)
  • Charger & Carrying Case
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty (serviced by us)
  • Access to starter fixings packs (see press tool fittings below)


Rothenberger TT Press Gun

The Rothenberger TT is the Cheapest PressIT Tool £995 + VAT

  • Rothenberger TT Press Gun
  • 1 Battery
  • Jaws 15,22, 28 (V or M)
  • Charger & Carrying Case
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty (serviced by us)
  • Access to starter fixings packs (see press tool fittings below)


Step 2: Choose Your Press Gun Type

We supply M Press and V Press. Both are an exceptional fitting by leading brands Conex and XPress. We slightly favour the V press as it has a 3 point press, in theory this should be a better press due to more contact.

When you select your preferred tool above on that page you can choose your preferred head type V or M.

Getting your fittings package below. You can do a one time payment or go for a suited monthly payment plan. Our Payment Plans are designed to ensure you get your fittings delivered to your door each month and keep your van stocked.

Step 3: Choosing Your Press Gun Fittings

To get going add your Get Going fittings or Pro fittings packs. You can choose either a one time check out for fittings or add a payment plan to have a steady supply of fittings. The packs are great and give you a saving of 4 – 14% from website prices.

The package is available as a one time purchase saving just under 14% from our competitive website prices if bought out of bundle. If you prefer the simplicity of ordering and wish to stock your van monthly and order only once, our rolling monthly offer gives a further 5% loyalty discount to pressit and entitles you to free calibration! Giving a combined annual saving of up to £926.

Just like a sim card for your phone this is a simple rolling 30 day payment plan, stoppable anytime and/or upgraded should you need!


Conex V Press Profile Press Fittings

(starting from £262.80)


or XPress M Press Profile Press Fittings

(starting from £262.80)

Decision Time?

If you need a tailor made deal or some additional guidance please click on the get in touch button below and one of the team or the Press Father will get in touch ASAP!